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Sarah Koscielniak '12


Sarah Koscielniak

Sarah Koscielniak

Sarah Koscielniak
Major: Customized Urban Community Outreach

“The ability to meet with my professors, to talk about my dreams for the future and how to achieve them has helped me so much. I feel that they truly care about my success.”

Participating in the Urban Cross-Cultural College Consortium (U4C), a program that trains Christian leaders to build cross-cultural ministries in urban residential areas, gave Sarah Koscielniak the opportunity to build practical skills in urban community outreach.

U4C showed Sarah how to interact with different cultures and gave her a chance to apply
concepts she learned in the classroom to the real world. “The ability to ask questions, to form my own ideas and to test them out in an interdisciplinary way creates quality academic experiences,” Sarah said.

Access to her professors has given Sarah a more personalized college experience. “The quality of faculty attention has had a huge impact on the quality of my learning,” Sarah said. “I don’t feel intimidated to ask or answer questions, assured that faculty and my classmates care about and respect what I have to say. I feel more comfortable to learn and grow as a person, not just graduate.”


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