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Amy Chavez '07


Amy Chavez

Amy Chavez

"My experience at Concordia was exhilarating. I found myself challenged and rewarded. The education I have received from Concordia has been priceless. I never imagined I would have gained the knowledge I have from the master's program.

I have formed valuable contacts and invaluable new friendships. The instructors and staff at Concordia have always been welcoming and pleasant to work with. Any time I had a question or problem they were there to assist me. Concordia definitely has the feel of a family, not a University.

Concordia provided me the knowledge and the understanding of how a healthy organization should operate. They provided education on how to effectively communicate with people. I have learned more leadership skills and characteristics about myself in my journey obtaining my masters. I have grown as a person and as a Criminal Justice Leader because of the education I have received from Concordia.

I think the key to balancing a healthy home life and school is following a schedule. Time management is vital. I also have a very supportive family and great friends that helped me along the way. My husband is wonderful and there is no way I could have finished the program without him. I would also say my supervisor and co-workers were supportive by encouraging me and assisting me with topics for papers and pressing issues in the Criminal Justice world. I would say you must manage your time effectively and have a strong support system to make the journey of obtaining your master's a pleasant one."


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