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Daniel Maroncelli


Daniel Maroncelli
(651) 641-8749

Daniel Maroncelli

Assist Professor Mathmetics

Dr. Dan Maroncelli joined the mathematics department at Concordia in the fall of 2013. Prior to joining the faculty at Concordia, Dr. Maroncelli taught for 4 years as a teaching assistant at North Carolina State University. Teaching is truly one of Dr. Maroncelli’s greatest passions and he is very committed to providing high quality instruction for his students.  To do so, he is continually looking to refine and improve his teaching techniques and philosophy.  Currently, Dr. Maroncelli is a Project NExT fellow. Project NExT is a professional development program of the Mathematical Association of America designed for new and recent Ph.D graduates in the mathematical sciences. It addresses all aspects of the academic career: improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, engaging in research and scholarship, and participating in professional activities'.  He has really enjoyed his time as a fellow and is excited about using his experiences in the program to improve his instruction in the classroom.

Dr. Maroncelli’s general research is in the area of analysis, ordinary differential equations, and difference equations. More specifically, the study of the existence of solutions to nonlinear boundary value problems in continuous, discrete, and impulsive systems. Boundary value problems occur naturally in applications to science and engineering. Such is the case for many problems arising from the analysis of elastic beams, vibrations of plates and shells, electric power networks, and telecommunication lines, to name a few. Currently, his work is focused on obtaining existence results for very general classes of differential systems; for these classes, there are very few known results.  Dr. Maroncelli is also actively involved in research with undergraduates and enjoys taking students to the annual Pi Mu Epsilon conference so that students have the opportunity to not only see relevant mathematics from their peers, but share their research ideas.

In his free time, Dr. Maroncelli enjoys playing with his two children, Donovan and Isabella, and working on renovation projects around the house with his wife Hailey.


  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, North Carolina State University (2013)
  • M.S. in Mathematics, Montana State University (2009)
  • B.S. in Civil Engineering, Montana State University (2007)


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