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Concordia Hosts Leonerio Faller, Director of Brazil’s Seminário Concórdia

Concordia University has had the honor of hosting visiting scholar Leonerio Faller, Director of Seminário Concórdia in São Leopoldo, Brazil, on campus since early January. A professor of Practical Theology and Missiology, Professor Faller was appointed Director at the 111-year old institution in 2013.

According to CSP’s International Student Services Director Tom Allen, one of the reasons Professor Faller made the long journey to St. Paul was to improve his English language skills as he aims to be a better host at his institution.

International Tutoring Center Coordinator Susan Marshall and her staff of undergraduate tutors played a big role in helping Faller better grasp the English language.

“Since Professor Faller informed me that he wanted to focus on developing his English speaking and listening comprehension skills, we focused on that through both structured exercises and more open conversation practice,” Marshall said. “It has been a great joy and privilege for all of us to get to know and learn from him.”

Professor Faller was given an opportunity to showcase his English during Chapel Feb. 10, as he gave a brief sermon in his native Portuguese followed by a translation in English.

In addition to learning English, Marshall reviewed several Theology courses and spent time connecting with a number of Theology students.

He returns home to Brazil and warmer weather Feb. 16.

Seminário Concórdia is directly linked to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil and independent church body and a partner church of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


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