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Concordia Professor Presents Papers to International Audience in Istanbul

Dr. Steve Manderscheid, Chair of Concordia’s Master of Arts in Human Resource Management program, presented two manuscripts at the 11th International Conference on Human Resource Development Research and Practice across Asia, Nov. 8-10 at Dogus University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Human resource development scholars and practitioners from around the world attended the conference, which was sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development, considered the top global scholarly organization in the field of human resource development. The conference also served as a venue for networking through professional interactions.

Manderscheid said Concordia received tremendous exposure by having a presence at the conference. “Presenting at the conference offers great opportunities to get feedback on research projects. Moreover, it is a great forum to meet future research partners from across the globe.”

Manderscheid presented a paper he co-authored with fellow Concordia business professor Nancy Harrower titled “A Theory of Leader Transition and Polarity”, that explores whether polarities, paradoxes, and dilemmas exist during a leader’s transition from one leadership role to another.

The second manuscript Manderscheid presented titled “A Phenomenological Exploratory Study of Western Expatriates’ Cross-Cultural Adjustment to Saudi Arabia” was collaboration with Dr. Derrick Jackson, an organizational development consultant in Saudi Arabia. The study focuses on the experiences and perceptions of Western expatriates of their cross-cultural adjustment to Saudi Arabia. 

“Interacting with people from all over the world for three days is an excellent way to develop a global perspective within our research discipline.” Manderscheid said.


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