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Social Media Explained in Book Co-Written by Concordia Faculty

The rapid growth and use of social media has positioned it as one of the most influential forums for communicating, however not everyone can comprehend this relatively new and always changing medium. In the book, “The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Social Media” Concordia’s Dr. Richard Brynteson and Jason DeBoer-Moran explain what social media is and why you should be using it.

“For many people, especially those in middle age, social media seem like a black hole.” Brynteson, professor of organizational management at Concordia said. “We make it come alive and show multiple uses for it. We show how social media is a natural outgrowth of the evolution of communication.”

The authors blend real-life examples, humor and case studies to help detail how and why social media can be used to increase communications, particularly by non-profits, small businesses and large companies. Other areas discussed in this quick and easy to read resource are; using social media as a marketing and innovation tool, social media ethics, the future of social media and the downside of social media.

“The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Social Media", which credits former Concordia MBA and organizational leadership chair Carol Zacher Rinkoff as one of the co-authors, is available at Concordia’s Bookstore.


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