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Families in Film

Subject: LSC
Course Number: 241
Credits: 2 Credits
Available Online: No
This course will explore concepts of family and family dynamics in film. By using examples from modern day cinema, family issues including chemical dependency, grief and loss, end of life issues, multicultural families, and blended families will be examined in depth. Learning will be based on family theoretical frameworks including family systems theory, family development theory, feminist theory and social constructionism with a focus on multicultural families. Concepts such as boundaries, rules, triangulation, communication styles, conflict, family secrets, and gender roles will be addressed. The myths and realities of family, as portrayed on the silver screen, will be explored through example and discussion. In addition, the notion of film as a reflection of society will be discussed in terms of the social construction of family and the role of the media in this construction. As a final project, students will have the opportunity to do their own analysis of family dynamics in a film of their choice.
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