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Hlth & Human Movement for Prof

Subject: KHS
Course Number: 115
Credits: 3 Credits
Available Online: No
This course conveys the personal and community benefits of a dynamic health and human movement lifestyle by increasing awareness, understanding, and informed critical appreciation for the six basic dimensions of health and wellness: social, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual, and physical. Through personal assessment and participation in physical activity, students are expected to foster and promote healthy attitudes, behaviors, and skills, which develop informed healthful living and enlightened care for self. This course also acquaints students with the National Health Education Standards and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Priority Health Risk Behaviors. Current personal and community health issues and challenges facing society and today's students will be explored. Upon completion of the course, students will be certified in Adult, Child, & Infant CPR and First Aid. (This course meets the Minnesota State Board of Teaching Drug Education and Health Standards).
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