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Ethics & Decision Making

Subject: HCM
Course Number: 435
Credits: 4 Credits
Available Online: No
This is a foundational course in ethics for individuals who are pursuing vocations in health care. At the completion of this course students will have a greater understanding of the ethical principles that are applied to the delivery of health care services, as well as some of the more current and pressing issues of health care delivery. Students will develop a personal model of decision making that is consistent with core personal values as well as the ethical standards of their professions. Students will be introduced to a range of ethical challenges faced by health care practitioners today. These include, but are not limited to, the value and dignity of human life; principles of non-malfeasance and beneficence; beginning of life and end of life issues; confidentiality; informed consent; allocation of scarce resources; truth-telling; and the ethics of biomedical research. Students will use case studies, selected readings, discussion, and cr itical analysis of various models of ethical decision making to construct a personal statement of core beliefs that will guide decision making.
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