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Lifespan I

Subject: DPT
Course Number: 7151
Credits: 2 Credits
Available Online: No
This is the first course in a two course sequence. Theories of motor development across the lifespan are presented within the context of physical therapy practice. Normal age related change across childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and later adulthood are explored. Health and motor planning across the lifespan, pediatric development, and normal physiological factors specific to the geriatric population will be reviewed. This will include changes in the cognitive, musculoskeletal and sensory systems. Changes in physical function are presented, compared, and contrasted between pediatric and geriatric patients through lecture, small group projects, and large group discussion. Students will develop pediatric and geriatric patient screening examinations. (Prerequisite: Successful completion of the first two semesters of the DPT curriculum)
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