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Systems Physiol & Pathophys II

Subject: DPT
Course Number: 7105
Credits: 3 Credits
Available Online: No
This is the second course of a two-course sequence. The physiology and pathophysiology of the integumentary, immune, rheumatic, pulmonary, hematologic, genitourinary, hepatic, pancreatic and biliary and gastrointestinal systems are presented. An overview of infectious diseases and oncology is provided. Fundamentals of pathology for each system are presented from various perspectives: etiology; pathogenesis; signs and symptoms; medical diagnosis, including laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging; and treatment including pharmacological intervention. Emphasis is placed on identifying �red flags� that would indicate to a physical therapist that treatment may be contraindicated or referral to another health care provider is appropriate. Class activities include lecture, discussion and problem solving scenarios. (Prerequisites: Successful completion of the first semester of the DPT program)
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