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Agile Fundamentals

Subject: BAC
Course Number: 507
Credits: 3 Credits
Available Online: No
This comprehensive course builds your knowledge and skills in the agile approach to defining, estimating, and prioritizing requirements. Using Scrum as a reference, you will learn how to build a Product Backlog, estimate sprints, write user stories, use burndown charts, and complete reviews and retrospectives. You will learn techniques for building and managing a Product Backlog of user stories, and techniques for prioritizing requirements for releases and iterations. The techniques described use Scrum as a reference, and apply equally well to other agile methods.You will learn the conditions of success for agile methods, how to scale the agile approach for large teams, and how to adapt current business analysis methods to become more agile. Topics also include the makeup of the Agile team, such as the Scrum Master, Product Owner, Tester, and core team.
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