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MIS312 E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship

Subject: MIS
Course Number: 312
Credits: 4 Credits
Available Online: No
Course content includes: Service relationships as a conceptual basis. Evolutionary execution strategy based on application of business principles of key functions using proven product development practices. Measurement/evaluation principles/practice. Utilize case studies to demonstrate successful e-commerce initiatives and unsuccessful ones. Traditional firms� planning process to establish e-business operational, sales, and Web-based marketing capabilities. Bundling, aggregation, digital product pricing policies. Technology standards, sponsored technologies. Industry infrastructures for e-commerce. Enabling technologies in business-to-business contexts. Web server and content management. Design issues. Hands-on with software development tools. Utilize the e-commerce topic to learn and actively participate in an entrepreneurship opportunity. Hands-on experience in developing an idea into a valid product for the electronic market. (Prerequ isites: MIS301)
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