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Integr Resrch & Consult Proj

Subject: GMBA
Course Number: 590
Credits: 12 Credits
Available Online: No
The Integrative Research and Consultancy Project, RSH 4010 is available for students who have completed the taught element of their studies. The module is designed to be a student led research and consultancy based module, anchored on providing students with relevant academic and industry transferable skills. The module is split into two sections. In section one, the students formulate and complete a research/engagement proposal and turn this into a feasible research plan, while in section two, they engage in the actual research/consultancy. All Integrative Research and Consultancy Projects will be done by the students based on their selected specialist pathway module topics. This is so in order to enable the students carry out independent consultancy research at a Masters level and allow them to meet the desired learning outcomes, while also developing relevant skills and expertise in their chosen specialist pathways.
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