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Strategic Mgmt & Leadership

Subject: GMBA
Course Number: 516
Credits: 6 Credits
Available Online: No
Managers need to understand how strategy is formulated in business and how it shapes the direction and activities of an organization. This module introduces students to concepts, theories and frameworks that will aid their understanding of strategic decision-making and its impact on organizations. Application of these techniques will be on �live� organizations to ensure teaching and learning is current. The focus of this module is on the nature of strategic decision making, management and leadership in the current increasingly competitive and globalized business environment. It examines how, in such a dynamic environment, competitive advantage might be developed through strategic planning and exploited in a cost-effective manner. Its emphasis is on where and how the organization competes and, in doing this, highlights the strategic significance of different and competing models of company growth. An important theme running through the uni t is the development of the capability to create innovative solutions that enhance an organization�s competitive position in its chosen markets.
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