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Tuition Reset Timeline

  • Tuition Reset
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Tuition Reset Timeline

  • 1st Pricing Sensitivity Analysis with Noel Levitz: Research findings showed gap between charges and what students were willing to pay.
  • MPCC public opinion research: Findings showed an increase in preference for public schools and decrease for private because of sticker price.
  • Launched 2nd Pricing Sensitivity Study: Research findings showed a larger gap between charges and what students were willing to pay, that we were losing students to “low cost” competitors, and that more students would be willing to enroll with a lower price. We tested a variety of prices before landing on the $10,000 reduction.
  • Entered partnership with the Lawlor Group for secondary research/environmental scan & branding/messaging campaign.
May 2012
  • Board of Regents unanimously approved a 33%, $10,000 reduction in tuition.
Aug. 2012
  • Began general brand awareness and value campaign throughout Minnesota.
Sept. 2012
  • Announced Tuition Reset to select media ahead of schedule.
  • Held press conference on Sept. 12 announcing tuition reset.


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