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Supporting Your Student

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Supporting Your Student

Stay Connected

Let your student know that you’re thinking about them while they’re away from home. Emails, texts and phone calls are great – although your student likely won’t respond to them all, they will appreciate hearing from you. Many students particularly enjoy ‘snail mail’ – getting letters and especially care packages in their mailbox.

Check In

Give your student the opportunity to talk about the experiences and feelings they’re having. College is the time where young adults expand their worldview, gain new perspectives and grow socially and intellectually. Listen and offer advice as you deem necessary, but try not to be judgmental. Understanding that young adults often change a lot in college, be supportive while also keeping an eye out for troublesome behaviors and habits. Know that Concordia offers many support services to help students maneuver through the many changes they’ll experience.

Do Something Nice

Sometimes it’s arranging travel plans so your finals-crazed student can focus on the books, other times it’s bringing your student and roommates to a play or sporting event. Even knowing when to give some space can be helpful. Instead of playing phone tag, show your student you’re thinking about them by putting some additional funds on their Comet Card (student ID) for some study food or a trip to a local restaurant. Well-timed gestures, small and large, show your student that you are there to support them as they toil through the trenches of college expectations.

Get Involved at Concordia

Join our Parent Database and receive information about campus news and events. Get to know the look and feel of campus by attending a sporting event, concert or art exhibition. Network with other parents at campus events like Welcome Week, Homecoming and Mother Daughter Day. Getting involved on campus not only opens up the opportunity for conversations with your student, it allows you to build connections with people on campus and other like-minded parents.

Do Your Homework

There are many resources available to help parents of college students with their own life adjustments, as well as preparing students, helping them transition and adjust, and make their way to graduation. You can find a wealth of books at your local library, as well as Facebook pages, blogs and more. A few online resources include:

  College Parents of America 

  College Parent Central 

  College Tips for Parents


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