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International Tutoring Center

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Concordia University St. Paul’s International Tutoring Center (ITC) provides free intensive English reading and writing support with International students in mind. Culturally sensitive student ITC staffs provide direct tutoring support in a small group format. ITC staffs are well qualified in areas such as APA/MLA styling, thesis development, brainstorming, organization, and public speaking. Furthermore, ITC staffs have a specific interest in developing cross-cultural awareness and are sensitive to the unique needs of being a student abroad.

Mission Statement

The ITC focus is to actualize full student potential for International students seeking success at Concordia University, St. Paul. Success is focused on three main tenets which include greater English-speaking confidence, honing academic English skills, and further developing reading comprehension.


  1. Our promise is to engage non-native English speakers to become confident in their voice and to use their voice to articulate their unique ideas in and outside of the classroom. We believe in being student-centered, both in theory and in practice, to facilitate partnership between the consultant and the student, and to help students identify and achieve their personal academic goals.

  2. Our promise is to use a non-directive approach to developing foundational language skills geared toward undergraduate and graduate writing expectations. All the while developing a firm understanding to uphold academic integrity.

  3. Our promise is to improve reading comprehension for each student. Using evidence based practices we will teach unique strategies to improve your reading comprehension.


To schedule, please contact the Office of International Student Services at or 651-641-8883.


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