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Why Study Confessional Lutheranism at Concordia?

Responsive Professors

  • Our theology and ministry professors are experts in their fields, balancing their research with their practical experience to make what they teach relevant to your future. Courses are taught by exceptionally experienced faculty who are faithful to Lutheran theology and engaged in the Church.
  • Your professors will get to know you personally, challenge and support your intellectual growth, mentor you in preparing for a career and provide detailed letters of recommendation even beyond your graduation. 


Real Experiences

  • Our partnerships with local congregations, national mission organizations and the U4C School of Urban Studies in Minneapolis, as well as our service-learning programs, let you gain ministry skills.
  • You can take on leadership roles in Campus Ministry and in Adelphos en Christo (AEX), the pre-seminary student fellowship organization.
  • Our Twin Cities metro location is ideal for receiving a preview of ministry that is decidedly urban and distinctly multicultural and global as you turn theory into practice at nearby congregations.


Relevant Learning

  • Concordia has a distinct Christian culture that blends Lutheran tradition with authenticity and relevance for the cultures around it, through worship, Bible study groups, campus ministry and Concordia’s unique social life.
  • The Concordia community also nurtures critical thinking, courageous leadership, accurate self-reflection, careful and thoughtful cultural analysis, and engaging practical responses to the emerging physical and spiritual needs of the world.
  • Our graduates have high success in being accepted to seminary programs or in going on to immediate employment in ministries and congregations throughout the country.


Lifelong Value

  • Since a Concordia education is grounded in the liberal arts and exposes you to a wide range of disciplines across the sciences, humanities and social sciences, you’ll graduate with versatile knowledge and critical thinking skills that are valuable in any career.
  • In our Lutheran setting, you’ll acquire greater self-understanding and explore your place in the home, workplace, community and congregation as you prepare for a lifetime of thoughtful living and dedicated service.


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