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Communication Studies Major

Communication Studies Major

Majoring in Communication Studies involves exploring the ways humans create and negotiate meaning through the exchange of messages. How can cultural differences impact communication? What are the challenges of new and rapidly changing media? How can group communication be facilitated? You’ll specialize in communication technology, family communication, intercultural communication, professional communication, public relations and marketing, sports information or writing as you take 44 to 45 credit hours towards a Bachelor of Arts degree.

You’ll also have real experience beyond the classroom, with opportunities to work on student newspaper and complete an internship in the Twin Cities metro area, a major media market which is also headquarters to several national advertising/PR/marketing agencies. Because we design our communication studies program to be responsive to the exact needs of the marketplace, it will be a relevant major if you’re considering a career in public relations, advertising, broadcasting, digital media, news writing, sports information, photography, marketing and other communications-related professions.

Careers & Internships

Digital Media
Event Planning
Human Relations
News Writing
Public Relations


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