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IDS488 IDS488 Inter Departmental Study

No details available

INF-150 Spreadsheet Management

Utilizing Microsoft Excel, students will be led through an exploration of a powerful spreadsheet program. After a review of the basic commands and functionality, students will be able to sort and format data, utilize functions, and create charts and graphs. Further studies will include management of large data sets, linking multiple workbooks, security issues, and using styles, tables, and formulas. Finally, advanced formulas, functions, search strategies, and data analysis tools will be

INF-210 Database Design

Utilize a database tool to create a prototype for output that meets real-life business outcomes. Learn the fundamentals of database design including the relational model, SQL, data warehousing, and web-based application design. Practice working individually and in teams to learn the normalization process, minimizing opportunities for redundant, inaccurate data. Other topics include design implications for speeding data access (e.g. de-normalization), creation of data-backup systems, and the

INF-250 Google Android Mobile App Devl

Google Android Mobile Application Development provides students with an in depth look at the current state of mobile computing application development specifically using the Software Development Kits (SKDs), tools, widgets, and Integrated Drive Electronics (IDEs) specifically tailored for Android Development. Students will conduct a project management exercise to enhance customer and/or employee experience by planning, analyzing and gathering requirements before designing an interactive

INF-470 Social Media Marketing

In this course, students will explore the latest tools and trends in social media applied to marketing, advertising, and communication. Using case studies from large corporations, small businesses, and non-profits, students will examine current examples and future opportunities of how marketing professionals use social networks, user-generated content, and blogs for shaping marketing activities.

INT111 INT111 Western Civilization to 1648

Beginning with the Egyptian society, this course places major emphasis on the growth and progress of Western culture and civilization and European institutions. Topics include the Hellenistic world, Rome, medieval Europe, and the Renaissance.

INT113 INT113 West Civ since Reformation

Beginning with the Reformation, this course places major emphasis on the growth and progress of Western culture and civilization and European institutions. Topics include the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Romanticism, and twentieth century totalitarianism. INT111 is not a prerequisite for this course.

INT120 INT120 Themes in American History

No details available

INT129 INT129 Intro to Russian Studies I

No details available

INT130 INT130 Intro to Russiona Studies II

No details available

INT201 INT201 India Seminar

No details available

INT291 INT291 Children in Crisis I

No details available

INT292 INT292 Children in Crisis II

No details available

INT300 INT300 Harlem Renaissance

Inter-relating the arts and history, this course will encourage students to understand the originating impulses toward and subsequent influences that resulted from, what has become called �The Harlem Renaissance.�

INT324 INT324 Environmental Issues

No details available

INT352 INT352 Classic Culture:Art,Hist & Lit

This course will focus on Greek thought as expressed in art, literature and philosophy. Students will explore language, religion and aesthetics in their historical contexts. Thinking about the origins of western culture results in critical assessment and deeper understanding of our current culture.

INT375 INT375 Romantic Movmt in Art and Lit

This course will consist of readings in Romantic literature and slide lectures on Romantic art. The context of these art forms will be set by lectures on history, economics, politics, music, and fashion. The focus will be on painters and poets. As these influences continue to today, the final third of the course will be dedicated to recognizing Romantic influences in contemporary visual and literary art. Students will be asked to explore Romanticism as an expressive form in their own products.

INT379 INT379 WW II in History & Literature

No details available

INT452 INT452 Cyberculture and Community

Through exploration, experimentation, reflection and debate, students examine the impact of information technologies on community from the perspectives of sociology and theology. Students critically evaluate the individual, social and spiritual strengths and weakness, potentials and limits, benefits and liabilities of information technologies.

INT488 INT488 Independent Study

No details available

INT498 INT498 India Study

No details available

ITA-101 Intro. Italian Lang & Culture

Learning the basics of Italian and the culture of Italy.

ITA-488 Independent Study

No details available

ITM-305 Intro:Computer Based Info Syst

Students will analyze how hardware, software, and people interact to help carry out a business strategy. This analysis will be built on a study of system's architecture used to support system-wide computer based applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

ITM-310 Contemporary Issues in IT

An introduction is given to the latest developments in information technology and its social and organizational impact. Included in the study of social issues are the effects, threats, and challenges to privacy and property. Organizational issues include effective communication for virtual teams, effects of information systems on communication, and the consequences of employee behavior and quality of work life.

ITM-312 Harnessing Personal Innovation Available online

Utilize reflective tools and course feedback to examine individual strengths and opportunities for growth as a writer and communicator. Harness this self-awareness to develop a personalized strategic plan that clarifies each student�s unique ability to collaborate on teams and innovate for the organization. Begin comparing the effectiveness and efficiency of various electronic and face to face communication strategies amidst a contemporary exploration of technology�s global impact on business.

ITM-315 Personal Resources:Assess/Appl

Students investigate their histories, strengths, and weaknesses in order to understand how to best create and develop a personal and strategic plan for their future.

ITM320 ITM320 Operating Systems

This course develops an understanding of the architecture of computer hardware at the systems programming level, introduces operating systems principles, and explores the interaction between architecture and operating systems.

ITM-325 Bus Mgmt for Information Tech Available online

Conduct an in-depth examination of the characteristics of a business and the circumstances that affect their success. Explore varying activities and styles of managers within organizations to develop an effective personal style for managing technology as a business-savvy professional. Study ways to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of application development and operations management teams. Topics include managing change, compliance, finances, marketing, business intelligence, and

ITM-330 Systems Analysis and Design

An overview is given of the systems development life cycle with emphasis on techniques and tools of system documentation and logical system specifications. CASE methodologies are introduced as well as some advanced strategies and techniques of structured systems development.

ITM-335 Data Management

In this course you will learn to use business strategy to lay the foundation for managing data. You will learn the tools to model and create databases that minimize redundant, inaccurate data and provide faster access to strategic information. You will learn to identify the management and knowledge skills needed for enterprise data warehousing (a big reason for Wal-Mart's success!). At the end of this course, you will have expanded your toolset for improving organizational efficiency and for

ITM-340 Applied Research Project I

This seminar provides a forum for discussion of issues and problems encountered in the development of the ITM project, a capstone course integrating the information systems knowledge gained through the other courses. Students evaluate each other's project design and plan, organize, and conduct a walk-through exercise. In addition, students are introduced to advanced project management techniques used to manage highly innovative projects.

ITM-341 Project Mgmt & Innovation

Students explore the methods used in managing projects and processes. Emphasis is placed on scheduling, tracking, and planning techniques as it relates to working with current and new technologies that require a significant amount of innovation. Computer tools for assisting project management tasks are discussed.

ITM-342 Project & Lifecycle Mgmt Available online

Channel effective project management skills to innovate and deliver on business strategy. Utilize a project management simulation to study planning, scheduling, and tracking techniques for effective project management. Apply learning to a draft of the following deliverables for the student�s own Applied Research Project: 1) project scope/charter, 2) work breakdown structure, 3) cost-benefit analysis, 4) project schedule, 5) risk register, and 6) quality management plan. Identify the

ITM-350 Managing People/Tech Env

Students will study management tactics designed to focus on the talents and strengths of technical staff by empowering each employee with defined outcomes and the right organizational fit. Students will learn how to mobilize political support. The investigation will identify the sources of power, where power can be lost, and the resources needed to help get things done.

ITM-351 Bridging the Techology-Bus Gap Available online

Compare technical to non-technical staff in studying ways to build collaborative effectiveness for the business. Investigate sources of power from the local to global setting to better understand how power can be lost or gained within an organization. Empower each employee with defined outcomes and the right organizational fit. Utilize collaborative software tools to practice communicating virtually across diverse settings and maximize teamwork to deliver on business strategy.

ITM-405 Operations Mgmt in New Economy

This course explores the functions of Information Technology (IT) Operations and the impact of operations management on a firm's competitiveness and management of IT resources. A strategic framework will be introduced identifying relationships between IT operations, project management and other value-chain functions that manage internal and external relationships amongst partners, vendors and outsourcers. Students will examine the need for speed and being first-to-market to positively leverage

ITM-410 Bus Driven Info Systems & Sec Available online

Analyze how information systems are designed to interact with people and carry out business strategy. Analysis will include a study of enterprise-wide applications, coupled with a discussion of the infrastructure necessary to support these applications. Implications for security and privacy are key threads discussed throughout the module. Topics include business continuity and disaster recovery, virtualization, and the effects of compliance on infrastructure development (e.g. HIPPA, SOX, GLBA).

ITM-415 Biblical Christianity

The question, What is religious thought? will be explored in the light of American culture. Students wrestle with basic questions of life, such as What is the meaning of life? World religions are discussed from the perspective of a Christian belief system. This course satisfies a general education requirement.

ITM-420 Applied Syst Analysis & Design Available online

Study all phases of the project lifecycle with an emphasis on creating a first draft for the Planning and Analysis phases of the student�s Applied Research Project. Utilize contemporary case studies such as mobile applications development to compare software and infrastructure development methodologies such as the Systems Development Lifecycle and Agile Methods. Create a common understanding of project requirements by interviewing key stakeholders and diagramming to communicate process

ITM-421 Bus Strategy & Tech Innovation Available online

Examine strategies that businesses use to be competitive in the marketplace. Determine how tactical strategies for technology support the business strategy. Practice working in teams to develop techniques for innovation management of technologies.

ITM-425 Data Mgmt for Intelligent Bus Available online

Use business strategy and data-based applications as a foundation for making intelligent business decisions. Utilize a database tool to create a prototype for output that meets real-life business outcomes. Practice working individually and in teams to learn the normalization process, minimizing the potential for losing customers through redundant, inaccurate data. Study the Structured Query Language (SQL), data warehouse team-building, de-normalization, and data-mining for faster access to

ITM-430 Netwrk Infrastructure/Security

In this course you will analyze network and security architecture for strategic value in a business context. You will create cost/benefit analyses to compare infrastructure options, analyze types of network attacks and design mitigation strategies, describe differing physical network media and topologies, examine privacy from an organizational and global perspective, and propose a network solution that helps to solve a day-to-day issue.

ITM-435 Business Ethics for Inf Tech Available online

The conduct of technical and business professionals is considered from a moral and ethical perspective. Students develop their capability and depth as a reflective practitioner by using a rich framework for processing ethical decisions. A rare opportunity is provided to prepare a personal moral and ethical statement as a foundation for future decision-making.

ITM-440 Applied Research Project Available online

This seminar helps students complete a synthesis project integrating business and technology knowledge gained through the Innovation and Technology Management (ITM) program coursework. The project addresses actual worksite needs, both human and technical. A problem or need is selected and a proposal to solve the problem or meet the need is prepared. A thorough analysis is conducted including cost-benefit, requirements gathering, options analysis, and measured success to address a business need.

ITM488 ITM488 Independent Study

No details available

ITMC150 ITMC150 Word 2000 Level 1, 2, 3

No details available

ITMC155 ITMC155 Excel 2000 Level 1, 2, 3

No details available

ITMC160 ITMC160 Outlook 2000 Level 1, 2

No details available

ITMC165 ITMC165 Powerpoint 2000 Level 1, 2

No details available

ITMC170 ITMC170 Access 2000 Level 1, 2, 3

No details available

ITMC200 ITMC200 A+ PC Op Systems and Hardware

No details available

ITMC205 ITMC205 NETWORK+ Networking Fundamenta

No details available

ITMC209 ITMC209 Foundations

No details available

ITMC210 ITMC210 Web Site Design Meth. & Tech.

No details available

ITMC215 ITMC215 E-Commerce Strategies/Practice

No details available

ITMC220 ITMC220 CISCO CCNA Foundations

No details available

ITMC225 ITMC225 CISCO CCNA Exam Preparation

No details available

ITMC230 ITMC230 2152 - MS Win2000 Professional

No details available

ITMC235 ITMC235 2152 - MS Win2000 Server

No details available

ITMC240 ITMC240 2153-MS Win2000 Net. Infrastrc

No details available

ITMC245 ITMC245 2145-MS Win2000 Active Directo

No details available

ITMC250 ITMC250 1562 - Designing a Net. Infrat

No details available

ITMC255 ITMC255 1561 - Designing a Dir. Svs In

No details available

ITMC260 ITMC260 2150-Designing Security Net

No details available

ITMC265 ITMC265 2072-SQL Server 2000 Sys Adm

No details available

ITMC270 ITMC270 2073-SQL Serv. Databse Des/Imp

No details available

ITMC275 ITMC275 Managing MS Win 2000 Net Env

No details available

ITMC280 ITMC280 MS Word 2000 Intro

No details available

ITMC281 ITMC281 Microsoft Word 2000-Level 2

No details available

ITMC282 ITMC282 Microsoft Word 2000: Level 3

No details available

ITMC285 ITMC285 MS Excel 2000

No details available

ITMC286 ITMC286 Microsoft Excel 2000-Level 2

No details available

ITMC290 ITMC290 MS Access 2000

No details available

ITMC291 ITMC291 MS Access 2000: Level 2

No details available

ITMC292 ITMC292 MS Access 2000: Level 3

No details available

ITMC293 ITMC293 Microsoft Excel 2000: Level 3

No details available

ITMC294 ITMC294 Powerpoint 2000: Level 1 & 2

No details available


No details available

ITMC296 ITMC296 PowerPoint 2002 XP: Level 2

No details available

ITMC-38 ITIL� V3 Foundations

ITIL� (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. ITIL� provides a cohesive framework drawn from the best practices of public and private sectors internationally. This course introduces students to the V3 service lifecycle phases and associated processes. The Foundations� certification exam is administered at the end of the course.

ITS-102 Foundations for Intl Students

This course focuses on development of skills on living and learning in the United States.


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