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Mathematics Major (BS)

Mathematics Major (BS)

Majoring in Mathematics involves the study of quantities, forms, and symbolic logic in such subjects as algebra, geometry, calculus, logic, topology and number theory. How does number theory relate to data encryption? How can statistical analysis aid policy decisions? How are computer models programmed to investigate problems? You’ll acquire a strong foundation in conventional math theory and problem-solving techniques as you take 60 credit hours towards a Bachelor of Arts degree. (The B.S. degree carries a larger course load for the major than the B.A. degree, with additional coursework in physics, chemistry or biology.)

You’ll also have real opportunities beyond the classroom, in activities such as working as graders and tutors in the department, participating in the Tri Pi Math Club that hosts Game Night and Math Day (a competition for local high schools) and completing internships. And because we design our mathematics program to be responsive to the exact needs of the marketplace, it will be a relevant major if you’re considering a career as an actuary, analyst, cryptographer, financial planner, math teacher, accountant, statistician, accountant, underwriter or other professional in a related field.

Mathematics Careers & Internships

Business Manager
Catastrophe Analyst
College Professor
Financial Planner
High School Mathematics Teacher
Intelligence Analyst
Inventory Analyst
Medical Doctor
Risk Analyst

Additional education may be required for some careers listed

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