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Corporate Partnerships

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Your Organization. Our Programs. A Winning Combination.

The Concordia Partnership Advantage provides a unique opportunity for employers to work directly with Concordia University, St. Paul to develop a well-educated workforce that is better equipped to manage and support the business goals of the organization.

The program is a mutually beneficial partnership that offers employees or members of the partnering organization a $2,000 tuition discount exclusively upon acceptance and priority admission status when they enroll in any undergraduate or graduate degree program at Concordia University, St. Paul. There is no additional investment required of partnering organizations. You simply make the program available to your employees or members and reap the benefits of a better educated workforce.

Experience the Concordia Partnership Advantage

Benefits to the Organization Benefits to the Employee


A well educated workforce is good for business. Employees become more confident decision-makers and strategists who can make a lasting impact on the business practices and profitability or your organization.


Recruit and retain top talent by investing in education


Students use workplace challenges as the basis for class assignments, earning academic credit for developing creative solutions that benefit your organization.


Employees can pursue their education without disrupting work schedules because they attend class one night a week, online or in-class, and complete readings and other assignments outside of class according to their own schedules.

Fiscally Smart

Provides an outstanding education benefit to employees at no cost to the employer.


Concordia's accelerated format helps you complete your degree in less than two years, putting your goals within reach faster than you may have thought possible.


Competitively priced programs and a $2,000 scholarship for employees of Concordia Partnership Advantage companies, offer you a private college education at a more affordable price.

Open Doors

A college degree signals your employer that you take yourself seriously as a professional because you've invested in your career growth through education.

Get Your Employer's Attention

Your co-workers and boss will notice the changes as you progress through the program in how you express your ideas more confidently and how you envision your role in the company.


For undergraduate students, Concordia's credit acceptance policy ensures you get maximum credit for previous college work.

To learn more about establishing a partnership with Concordia University or enrolling at Concordia through the Partnership Advantage program, please contact Kim Craig at or 651-603-6223.


Meet Our Partnership Liaisons

Tami Hanson
Tami Hanson
Organizations Currently Served:
All corporate partnerships excluding criminal justice
Mike Conner
Mike Conner
Organizations Currently Served:
Organizations intersted in Criminal Justice Education


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